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As a professional Homer Stager here in Austin Texas I help home owners all around Austin with their house staging needs with one of my three Austin Home Staging Packages, Occupied Home Staging Consultations, Vacant Accessory Home Staging or Vacant Furnished Home Staging.

- Paula Hobbs, Austin TX Home Stager


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I can stage all types of homes.My Home Staging Services for your Austin TX home will no doubt be a good fit.Visit my Home Staging Austin TX website for pricing and pictures

For my Home Staging Austin TX pricing, please visit my website www.Pop-Decor.com

If you are looking for an Austin Texas Home Stager to help you Home Stage your House, I am here to help.

Home Staging is an art, it's far from just populating a home with furnishings. Sadly I see homes all over Austin that have been home staged poorly, I have seen some really bad staged homes. It saddens me, because most of these were paid services from people claiming to be Austin home stagers. Home staging is an art it is not a structured action, meaning you have to have the eye to be able to see what needs to be done to a home to make it present itself at its best. It's very hard to teach a person this art to make them a good home stager, either you naturally are good or you are not. And, very importantly, a good home stager knows the importance of owning beautiful staging furnishings

Pricing for my Home Staging Austin services is available on my website at www.Pop-Decor.com

I have three home staging services for you to choose from

Home Staging Services


1. Occupied Home Staging Consultation


In great detail I will evaluate the inside and outside of your Austin TX home making note of all the things that catch my experienced eye looking at the home through the lens of that of a  potential home buyer.  With the idea of appealing to the  widest audience of home buyers, together we will walk through your home with me showing you everything that I believe should be addressed so the home will show its best,  The next day I will email you a written summary that can be used as a checklist detailing everything we went over while I was there.  

People that have lived in a home for a long period of time have  a tendency to look past their own clutter and personal items that a home buyer will more than likely not look past.  With my experienced eye, I will catch all this telling you what should be put away and what we should leave out so the home shows its best.  What commonly happens otherwise is that a home buyer will likely spend time focusing on your personal belongings taking their attention away from the home making them think about you personally and your living habits verses that of the home.  This being the case, we want the home to shine, we want to properly stage your belongings and remove those personal belongings that aren't what we want the buyer to be focusing on.  All of this as my Occupied Home Staging Consultation is exceptionally  priced at only $175.   A service that is very much worth it's weight n gold :)

2. Vacant Accessory Home Staging

A Vacant home can leave a lot to the imagination of the mind.  If the vacant  home has been lived in (it's not a brand new home), the home will have signs of being lived in which will NO doubt pop out to the home buyer.  Simple imperfections and signs of age will stand out within any bland vacant home.  What I do with my accessory home staging is that I will bring color in to the home using BEAUTIFUL decorating items that will add a WOW factor for the home buyer when they see the home.  The buyers will see my upscale beautiful staging accessories and they will make that mental connection of beauty to that of the home they are looking at.  This kind of staging is not about just setting decorating items in a home, like many people misconceivingly think it is.  I have sadly seen A LOT of homes out there where people have tried to do this on their own, and I have never seen one that looks really good.  The main idea is to use BEAUTIFUL decorating pieces so that the home buyer sees those beautiful pieces and thinks to themselves "now that's really nice", and it's that really nice EMOTION that we want to mentally connect with to house.  Think of it in the opposite, take a pretty house and put things like a nasty old recliner chair with an ashtray next to it with some beer bottles, and maybe some eaten from plates here and there and some noticeable spots on the carpet.  A home buyer will see this and immediately emotionally connect with these unattractive visions.  Even if that house itself was awesome, it's hard to get past what the buyer sees because it had such an emotional negative impact.  You want the opposite, you want the home buyer to think pretty, attractive, thoughts of beauty about the house.  You want the home buyer to have a positive emotional impact.   My accessory staging package is inexpensive, I can do my Vacant Accessory Home Staging for a 2500 or less square foot home for only $400.  And up to a 4000 sq/ft home for only $475.

3. Vacant Furnished Home Staging

My Vacant furnished home staging is the same as the above vacant accessory home staging with the exception that with this package I will bring in large furniture pieces.  Staging with furniture helps to give a home buyer an idea of how a room should be laid out as well as it gives the home buyer a perspective of what and how much furniture can fit in to that room being staged. Additionally, with a home being furnished with both beautiful furniture and my beautiful decorating items, you can count on getting a huge wow factor from the home buyer.  While the accessory staging above is relatively inexpensive, the furnished staging being that there's cost to renting the furniture with delivery and pick ups costs, it's not super cheap, but it can definitely be worth the cost.  Something to consider is that the home will sit for less time on the market and you can likely roll these staging costs in to your selling cost to make up for the staging costs.


To learn about my Austin Home Staging to include pricing, please visit my website www.Pop-Decor.com

"Home Staging is an exceptionally important component when looking to sell your Austin TX Home in today's competitive real estate market.  Home Staging is very much different than that of interior design or styling a home to be lived in.  Home Staging is the temporary staging of a home to make it look its best." 

"For those Vacant Austin Texas Homes, it is hard for most home buyers to see themselves and their belongings in the vacant open spaces of an un-populated home.  Part of what I can do as an Austin home stager is that I can populate those vacant spaces with furniture (Vacant Furnished Home Staging) to show the home buyer how furniture and such large decorating items will fit into those spaces.  For those homes that are not new, the homes that have been previously lived in (I stage a lot of new construction homes), you will NOT want the natural wear and tear of lived in home to show.  You'd prefer the home buyer (think of them as your customers) to not focus on these imperfections.  If your budget can not warrant my Vacant Furnished Home Staging, you will want to use my Vacant Accessory Home Staging service, this accessory home staging service of mine is the furnished home staging minus the large furniture pieces.  All lived in homes will have wear and tear, you'll have cracks, paint chips and scuff marks, whereby me staging your vacant home with accessory decorating items adding things like color and texture will help to draw the customer's eye away from the imperfections of the Austin TX Home.  If you are showing a vacant bland home with these imperfections, the customer's eye will naturally be drawn to the imperfections of this Austin TX Home you are trying to sell."

- Paula Hobbs,
Pop-Decor.com Austin Texas Home Staging Services

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